27-28 MAY 2023

    ThroneBreaker 4 is an airsoft-event where tactical simulations evolve into 1 continuous narrative throughout both days. Our game is built around a few key principles instead of rules, so you will decide your own actions & choose your mission, where optional side-quests will be offered by a team of roleplayers. Random events may always happen in a moving world, so be prepared to think outside the box! All factions will receive specific missions & information. We will also have a photographer and drone pilot on-site who'll capture your best movements on camera! The location address is provided on your personal entry ticket. You will notice that the cost of a ticket has gone up a bit. This is because, among other things, the rental price of the venue has also gone up, and if we want to give you the quality you are used to, we are forced to increase our ticket price as well. Thanks for understanding.


      After the blast, the local forces of the GBG were all but wiped out, causing their leaders to decide to create an entirely new Task Force, in an effort not to let the sacrifice of GBG go to waste. This faction was named "New Haven Republic (NHR)", and their goal is to establish a new, disinfected safe haven for every survivor in the wasteland, while neutralizing the zone from all hostiles, including mutant entities.

      The RDA also suffered tremendous damage. After gaining the majority of victories during past battles, they were in the process of dismantling the Tac Nuke that GBG had placed during TB3. Unfortunately, they were just short of time to defuse it, destroying all RDA operators in the blast. Needless to say, the leaders of this faction are infuriated and seek revenge.. Therefore, they are now sending an elite team to the battlefield in order to take revenge on those who dared to deal such a heavy blow to them: the "Rogue Raiders (RR)".

      After the events of TB3, the battlefield was recreated into a nuclear zone. There are only a few survivors among the local population, and they are now forced to make this new reality their own. These locals have named themselves "Wastelanders (RP)".

      However, there is a portion of these Wastelanders who have torn themselves away from civilian life, and they have taken up weapons with the intention of neutralizing any outside interference, so that they can govern their own home again. It seems that this group was significantly affected by the detonation of the Tac Nuke, as they have developed an obsessive adoration for the radioactive cloud. This Faction calls itself "Children Of the Glow (COG)", and according to initial intel, they have developed certain powers that make them intangible to the effects of the radiation..

      The battlefield of TB4 will be shaped in a completely new way, with 3 Faction HQ's, a different map layout, and new mechanics in the gameplay + more. Each Base Commander will also appoint 3 Captains in order to improve leadership in the field. Are you ready for the job?



          The leaders of the former GBG are making efforts to limit the impact of their actions by sending a completely new Task Force to the area of operations. In doing so, they are trying to restore order and peace, so they can clear their name of the blame that cost huge numbers of people their lives. Their methods are very organized but predictable. They also have a strong medical support chain, allowing them to stay in the fight longer during intense combat. This faction is known to have superior firepower and can rely on a variety of battlefield support, such as Mortar Strikes and Intel Reports.

          Faction Perks:

          Lifesaver: the NHR gets +1 Medic for the complete duration of the game.

          Faction Mission Completed: Permanently gain an extra spawn location.

          Base Commander Ability: BC can call in 1x Mortar Strike or 1x Intel Report on enemy activity every hour.


          Full camouflage outfit (MultiCam, MARPAT, ABL, etc..) + your 2 NHR Faction patches. No flat colors! Gasmasks and Post Apocalyptic elements are encouraged! Only this faction is allowed to wear ghillie / leaf suits. Main + back-up replica required.

            "ROGUE RAIDERS (RR)":

            The Rogues are a force to be feared. They have proven to be most efficient during combat and the completion of the in-game objectives.

            Unfortunately, their Alpha Division was wiped out during TB3, which caused Rogue Command to send in their Tier One fighting force: the Raiders. They are bent on revenge towards the NHR, who destroyed friend and foe alike when the Tac Nuke was detonated. The Rogue Raiders are known to use guerilla fighting tactics, as they are masters in swift enemy engagement, breaking contact & relocating quickly. Their structure of command is rather chaotic, as they seem to prefer improvisation over careful planning, but it seems to have worked out for them so far.

            Faction Perks:

            Strike Fast: the RR has no respawn timer for the complete duration of the game.

            Faction Mission Completed: Each operator gains the single-use ability to make himself less visible during combat, by disappearing into a cloud of red smoke.

            Base Commander Ability: BC can call for 1x Smoke Barrage on a certain grid once every hour.


            Flat colors / urban operator outfit. Subdued colors & lumberjack shirts are allowed, but no camouflage patterns, ghillies or leaf suits! 2 RR Faction patches will also be worn. Punk / Post Apocalyptic elements are encouraged! Main + back-up replica required.

            "CHILDREN OF THE GLOW (COG)":

            After the detonation of the Tac Nuke, there were some Wastelanders who began to experience severe side-effects from the radiation. As they were suffering many dead from these effects, some began to mutate on a genetic level. Intel reports show people gaining immunity to radiation. Others had the ability to kill with only a touch of their fingertips. These "mutants" quickly became aware of their "superpowers" and started picking up weapons in order to defend the Wastelanders against other invading Factions. Not much other intel is available yet, but we know they are living mostly underground, and they are very, very determined to protect their home from any enemy. They seem to love fast-paced action and are moving swiftly through their territory.

            Faction Perks:

            Nuclear Touch: Physically touching an opponent is Instakill - no revive!

            Faction Mission Completed: Gain the Ability to cross Radiation Zones unharmed.

            Base Commander Ability: BC is able to call in a team of Wastelander Reinforcements once every hour.


            Black / dark civilian clothing with a distinct GREEN colored element: shirt, pants, hat, etc.. The ideal Faction for Speedsoft-enthusiasts!

            2 Faction patches will be worn as well. Be creative! Post Apocalyptic elements are encouraged. Main + back-up replica required. Pistol only is not allowed!

            Important: Respect the dresscode of your faction!

            If your outfit does not match the requirements, we may decide to assign you to one of the opposing Factions!

            Your 2 faction patches are included in your ticket. You'll receive them upon your arrival at the event.

            Mini-event: the best Post Apocalyptic cosplay loadout will win a fabulous prize on Sunday morning!!


              They are the local population in your AOR, who have been the victim of a raging conflict. The Wastelanders are trying to survive as well as they can, which means they sometimes have to assist or fight a certain Faction in order to make it to the next day. They have very close relations with the COG, and they will aid them in combat when called upon. The Wastelanders are needed by all Factions in order to complete their missions, and there is also a trader among them who is selling all kinds of perks to those willing to pay enough Faction Coins.

              Wastelander specifications:

              They will defend any COG-player they come across when patrolling the AOR.

              Roleplayers are part of the Event-Orga and they are NO SHOOT unless they are attacking you, or when your BC briefs you otherwise.

              The Wastelanders are recognizable by their white outfits.

              GENERAL INFO:

              Parking your car happens at the front gate & behind the Safe Zone. You'll be greeted by our crew at the gate. Please follow their instructions! Coffee will be provided at the entrance of our Safe Zone, and our team will be around to help you with any questions you may have. There will be NO rental airsoft devices for hire. You'll need to bring your own kit.

              Only bio bb's allowed! NO (IR) Lasers! SEMI-AUTO EVENT!


              For 95% of players, this changes nothing.

              *** REQUIREMENTS ***

              Pistol / pump-action / LMG / AEG + HPA semi-auto replica: 1.2 joule (1 meter safety distance)

              DMR with 2 second delay: 1.7 joule (20 meter safety distance)

              Bolt-action sniper rifle: 2.3 joule (20 meter safety distance)

              TIME TABLE:



              1800-2200H: Gates OPEN for early arrivals.


              0800H: Gates OPEN

              0930H: Gates CLOSED + start Joule-check.

              1030H: Briefing + Start Game

              1300-1345H: Lunch (included in ticket)

              1400H: Start Game

              1700H: Endgame + Bar OPEN

              1800-2000H: Dinner (included in ticket)

              2030-2130H: Minigame

              2200H: Briefing + Start Night Game

              0100H: End Night Game

              0200H: Bar CLOSED



              0730-0900H: Breakfast (included in ticket)

              0930H: Short Game Brief + Start Game

              1300-1345H: Lunch (included in ticket)

              1600H: Endgame!

                FOOD & CAMPING:

                A weekend ticket includes dinner, lunch & breakfast. Sunday morning, we'll provide eggs & bacon for breakfast. Lunch is "crocs à volonté"! Please let us know if you are vegetarian or allergic. Note: No breakfast on Saturday if you choose to arrive early on Friday. Alcohol will only be served at the bar after endgame. We can restrict players from participating if we feel they are not sober. Camping is possible both in- & outdoors, but you will need to bring your own gear to accommodate yourself! There will be limited access to electricity, and we will provide charging stations, but bring a powerbank. Toilets & hot water on-site!

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